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Light boxes with push-fit frames

Best-Buy product! Bestseller by KML-Kramer!

Timeless appearance in a range of thicknesses. Multifunctional, long-lasting, inexpensive. Please see the technical data for information about appearance and dimensioning. We would be pleased to advise about the possibilities for use and design.

There are seven different connectors available for this type of light box. The motif change occurs to the front by pulling the connectors.

The standard colour is anodised Silver (E6/EV1). There are other colours available from KML-Kramer according to either RAL chart or, if required, your personal colour pattern.


Depth single-sided: 62 mm, 88 mm or 150 mm. Depth double-sided: 88 or 150 m.



These aluminium light boxes are available in conventional version (mitre cut, angular version) or curved angular version (bending radius = 75 mm).

Important: 62 mm depth light boxes are only available in the angular version.



The standard colour is anodized silver (E6/EV1). KML-Kramer can also provide you with other colours to RAL cards or to your personal colour pattern.


Content changing

Changing the contents takes place from the front by removing the push-fit strips.



The number of fluorescent tubes is matched to the respective format so that optical illumination is achieved. The light colour is universal white = 4000° Kelvin as series, with a few exceptions.

Illumination is also possible in LED technology.

Important to know: the fluorescent tubes can sometimes be visible due to the low light box construction depth of 62 mm and 88 mm double sided. Please take this into account when choosing your motif.

Push-fit strips and dimensions:


Flat push-fit strip - 16,5 mm

Screen size = external dimension – 20 mm

Visible format = external dimension – 33 mm


Flat push-fit strip - 19 mm

This push-fit strip is used in curved lightbox profiles. It projects over the carcass by 2 mm. The curved profiles are clad with 2 mm of sheet aluminium and are at the same level as the push-fit strip outside edge.

Screen size = external dimension – 24 mm

Visible format = external dimension – 38 mm


Flat push-fit strip - 24 mm

Screen size = external dimension – 20 mm

Visible format = external dimension – 48 mm


Semicircular push-fit strips

Frame width: 20 mm

Screen size = external dimension – 20 mm

Visible format = external dimension – 40 mm


Frames with covering push-fit strip

Cover strip width: 26.5 mm

Outwards coverage: 8.5 mm

Screen size = corpus dimension - 20 mm

Visible format = external size - 33 mm


Flat push-fit strip - 28 mm, with extended screen support for larger formats

Screen size = external dimension - 20 mm / - 30 mm (depending on external format)

Visible format = external dimension – 56 mm


Solid push-fit strip - 25 mm

Screen size = external dimension – 20 mm

Visible format = external dimension – 50 mm

Push-fit strips are secured with metric countersunk screws.



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