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Light boxes with folding strip/clamping bar

The curved cover strip covers the clamping system and "frames" the object appealingly.The cover strip can be additionally secured if required.

KML-Kramer recommends translucent vinyl sheets, fabrics and textiles for illuminated internal use.
KML-Kramer recommends translucent vinyl sheets and fabrics for illuminated external use.

A wide range of suitable printable and laminatable media is available on the market.

This profile is particularly suitable for illuminated elements in XXL size.
Illuminated advertising in sizes above 2 x 4 m is ideally executed using stretch fabric technology.

This profile is very functional even as a non-illuminated element thanks to its flat construction.

This technology can be used to adapt wall surfaces and facades again and again, quickly and objectively, and to use them effectively for advertising.

Mounting / changing the motive
Perforate the medium all around the edge - thread the tensioning elastic through and pass it around the profile studs - DONE! A foldable curved profile covers the fixing points. If you make a complete order, you will of course receive a completely finished stretch fabric lightbox.

The number of fluorescent tubes is adapted to the relevant format so that an optimal illumination is achieved. As standard the light colour is Cool White = 4000° Kelvin.
Alternatively, almost all our light boxes and light elements can be equipped with LED technology. The light colour is Daylight = 6500° Kelvin.

The standard colour is anodised Silver (E6/EV1).
There are other colours available from KML-Kramer according to either RAL chart or, if required, your personal colour pattern.

Stretch fabric lightboxes with curved folding strips:

Cover profile width = 100 mm.
Total element depth = 200 mm.


Stretch fabric boxes (non-illuminated) with curved folding strip:

Cover profile width = 100 mm
Total element depth = 60 mm



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