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Light boxes - for stretch fabric with beading/rubber lip

Frameless appearance for stretch fabric with beading.
The optimal replacement system for indoor-use.

The combination of a lightbox with textile advertising medium has become a favourite product over the last few years. Continuously improving print quality as well as the wealth of materials available also support the success of this variant of light frame. Handling this medium is uncomplicated, and the enormous range of materials offer almost unlimited application possibilities.

Stretch fabric with beading can be used in a wide range of applications:
for illuminating rooms, for presentations or for fixed installations - both cultural and commercial.

Dealing with a lightbox for stretch fabric with beading/rubber lip is straightforward and offers almost unlimited possibilities, whether it’s illuminated single-sided or double-sided.
In construction depths of 65 mm and 100 mm, we recommend a backlight illumination with LED technology for light boxes for stretch fabric with beading. In a construction depth of 150 mm, fluorescent lamps can be also be used safely for light boxes for stretch fabric with beading.
The maximum width of a printed roll of fabric is currently approx. 3100 mm, with a length up to infinity. In case of large sizes, we gladly advise you. KML-Kramer recommends translucent vinyl tarpaulins, fabrics and even textiles for backlit indoor applications. Corresponding media that are both printable and easily concealable are available on the market in great abundance.

With light boxes for stretch fabric with beading by KML-Kramer, you will set new trends.

This profile is particularly suitable for light elements in XXL format.
Signage sized over 2 x 4 m can be best accomplished in the stretch fabric technique.
This profile is also very functional as an unlit element, in flat construction. With this technique, large wall surfaces and facades can be adapted and re-staged anew, again and again, quickly and effectively.

Construction depth single-sided: 65 mm, 100 mm or 150 mm
Double-sided: 180 mm
For clamping slides with a rubber piping (rubber blade) of 15 x 3 mm


Illuminated advertising
Lightboxes - for stretch fabric with beading/rubber lip

The number of fluorescent tubes is adapted to the relevant format so that an optimal illumination is achieved. As standard the light colour is Cool White = 4000° Kelvin.
Alternatively, almost all our light boxes and light elements can be equipped with LED technology. The lightcolour is Daylight = 6500° Kelvin.

The standard colour is anodised Silver (E6/EV1).
There are other colours available from KML-Kramer according to either RAL chart or, if required, your personal colour pattern.



Content changing
This takes place using just a few simple steps without extra equipment.
A sewed-on fabric strap allows you to pull the stretch fabric out of the profile easily. Insert the new motif with its rubber lip in one of the upper corners, and then follow the frame profile horizontally with slight finger pressure.
Once you have reached the end, repeat the process on both the vertical sides and to finish, press the bottom side gently into the profile.

Let the sewn-on fabric tab on the rubber lip hang outside the light box by all means. This is important for a comfortable content change.



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