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LED light boxes

As a basic principle, all our lightboxes and illuminated elements can be fitted with LED technology.
The almost maintenance-free LED has a long service life at low energy costs, and helps to lower room climate costs. Have a look at some examples of our LED-illuminated frames and LED clamping slide frames.

Not merely light: LED is the future!

KML-Kramer GmbH has been fitting its illuminated elements with LED technology on request since 2007. Saving energy and protecting resources are the issues of the future.

The structure is compact and enables new deployment and design possibilities.


The last few years have seen an above-average development leap in this illumination variation.

We are continuing to further develop our illuminated elements following state-of-the-art technology.

LED technology is a new concept and “functions” differently from fluorescent lights. We have successfully implemented this knowledge in our products.


The default light color with the use of LED technology, backlit (backlight) or laterally fed up (edgelight) daylight is = 6500° Kelvin.

In the area of the backlight (backlight), other colours are possible on request.


Also, a play of colours can be realised with RGB-LED. These can be activated either for fixed settings with knobs, push buttons, or with a remote control or may even be programmed. We will advise you gladly.


You should, however, plan their deployment under both design and economic aspects.

KML-Kramer would be pleased to draw up a profitability calculation for your projects.


You will continue to benefit from the familiar high quality with its corresponding investment security in the future, as well.

LED/lowest power consumption


Low voltage light emitting diodes (LEDs) are based on semiconductor connections, which convert electricity directly into light.


With regard to size, effectiveness, durability and service life, LEDs can be compared to conventional lightbulbs in the same way that semiconductor diodes can be compared to tube valves. They are changing the illumination industry in a similar manner to that which semiconductor technology changed the electronics industry.



We use different types for different applications with 12 V or 24 V.

The following light colours are available by default:


For back-lighting (backlight): 3000, 4000, 5400 to 6500 Kelvin


For edge lighting (edgelight): 6500 Kelvin


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