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Illuminated advertising pillars

Illuminated or non-illuminated, a beautifully-shaped presentation area.Outstandingly effective, excellent in application.

These illuminated advertising pillars come in 2 versions:

"Easy-Clip" with side flaps for hassle-free content changing
"Best-buy" for inserting/clamping of the slide/motif

Illuminated advertising pillars
KML-Kramer manufactures illuminated advertising pillars in aluminium sections either with folding strips or push-fit profiles. You can select from range of baseplates. Please contact us for format details.

The standard colour is anodised Silver (E6/EV1).
Base plate and lid are powder coated.
There are other colours available from KML-Kramer according to either RAL chart or, if required, your personal colour pattern.

The number of fluorescent tubes is adapted to the relevant format so that an optimal illumination is achieved. As standard the light colour is Cool White = 4000° Kelvin.
Alternatively, almost all our light boxes and light elements can be equipped with LED technology. The light colour is Daylight = 6500° Kelvin.

Advertising pylon for interior use.
Folding strips: 32 mm.
Double-sided aluminium sections with curved screen.

Advertising pylon for interior use.
Acrylic screens for tensioning
Double-sided aluminium sections with curved screen.


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